Portrayals of veterans of the Great War

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This is from a documentary made in the 1990s.

The second clip is from a 1933 movie, Heroes for Sale. Do the two clips differ in their portrayal of veterans of the Great War? Why or why not?

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2 thoughts on “Portrayals of veterans of the Great War

  1. Both the movie and the real version showed the hardships of the soldiers trying to protest in order to get what they wanted. It is sad that the soldiers had to resort to this in order to get benefits that they were entitled to. I can’t imagine being disrespected this way after risking my life for my country.

  2. I think the veterans are portrayed pretty much in the same way. In the first clip the camps that the veterans were in were burned to the ground and tear gas was thrown at them to get them to leave. In the second clip, they were forced into box cars and all they wanted was the money that they were promised. They just wanted it sooner than it was promised.

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