To clarify confusion that I’m seeing in several people, I want to make a few things absolutely clear.

  • You are expected to complete all of the reading stated on the syllabus for a class day before you come to class that day: http://fsem.marchinghome.org/syllabus/
    • Note that some of the readings are from the books you purchased in the bookstore.  Some are online and are located at http://fsem.marchinghome.org/readings/
    • I expect you to bring your notes on the readings with you so that you are prepared to answer the questions of the discussion leaders in class and to help add to the discussion in substantive ways.
    • Class participation is worth 35% of your grade. — Average (C) participation means making at least one contribution to every single class period and effectively leading discussion during your two weeks.  
  • Beforeeach class in which we are discussing the reading, your blog post with 1-2 paragraphs reacting to the reading must already be posted.
    • In order to assign credit for these posts, I will check  at 8:30 AM to make sure that everyone has posted for this day’s class.  I will be looking for evidence in the post that each student has done the reading, which could include quotations from the readings
    • I will also be looking for links to resources on issues for current veterans and comparisons to other veterans that we’ve already studied.
    • NOTE: the weeks you are leading discussion, you do not need to post blog responses.
  • By Friday each week, you should have commented on two of your classmates blog posts for the week.  These comments should thoughtfully respond to their postings, either disagreeing with their perspective (and giving evidence why) or building on their argument.
  • Note that blogging and commenting represents 25% of your overall grade for this class.

Dr. McClurken